When a Gift Becomes a Story

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Giving gifts is a powerful way to show your friends and family how much you care. The most overlooked step in gift-giving is making sure you give something that has meaning and can be cherished for a lifetime. Personalized gift giving continues to grow in popularity because it shows you really care and can become part of a greater story for the recipient.

That’s exactly what happened with one of our customers, Megan Brown.

Megan is a graphics designer located in Denver, Colorado and was originally intrigued by Trill Enterprises’ engraving work for a local jeweler. When one of her friends trusted Megan with creating their wedding invitations that included unique lettering of the couple’s names, it inspired a personalized gift idea. Megan reached out to Trill Enterprises with her idea and received a quick response from Roger who assured her that he could bring her idea to light.

Alex and David - Finished PlaqueThe challenge was to engrave the Bride and Grooms’ names on a dark walnut plaque in high contrasting dark lettering. Roger went to work to make sure it was an exceptional piece of art. When Megan received the plaque, she was so happy that she couldn’t wait until the wedding day to give the couple their personalized gift. 

The Bride was elated with the surprise gift. The personalized plaque became more than a gift; it is something she and her husband get to cherish for a lifetime. The couple was so happy; they wanted to share that feeling with all of their loved ones by including it in their wedding day décor.

Now, it’s not just something they will have for a lifetime. It’s engraved in the memories of their wedding, their beginning, and will be a special heirloom they pass down for generations. It will certainly hang on their wall for years to be seen every day by all of their friends and family!

Breaking the Mold

There is a common misconception that designing and buying personalized gifts is a long and tedious process. Roger, Trill Enterprises' (TrillGifts.com) owner, is breaking this false belief by making the process simple for his customers. He not only understands the importance of gift-giving, but he is also working to create a personalized gift movement.

Roger builds relationships with customers by actively communicating and helping them through designing personalized gift ideas. He enjoys being able to help customers, creating memorable items that recipients love, and hearing from his happy customers. In Megan’s story, he was pleasantly surprised to receive a handwritten thank you note in addition to the e-mails she had already sent. It’s those responses of gratitude that make his work meaningful and something to be truly proud of.

Thank You Card         Thank You Message

The only down side to his job? Roger wishes he could see his customer’s faces when they open the box.

The Future

Megan is already planning her list of customized gifts for Trill Enterprises for the upcoming holiday season. She loves how easy it is to add a special touch and create something unexpected and how you can take something boring and make it fun. But, most of all she likes the idea of giving gifts her friends and family can hang on to for life.

Whether it’s a wedding, baby shower, birthday, Christmas, or just because, we are ready to turn your ideas into a gift that will be cherished for a lifetime. Contact us to find out how Trill Enterprises can help you today.

Note from Roger:  "I love doing this stuff!"

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Megan E Brown
Megan E Brown

August 22, 2017

Couldn’t be happier with the outcome!! This whole process from start to finish was not only quick, but thoughtful. You could really tell Trill cares about each individual order. Definitely will be using them again!!

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